``Great Things in Business are never done by one person but by a team of People. ``

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Raj Israni

He is the root of this massive tree and its branches. Not only is he young at heart at this age but he is also young with his thoughts. He will be the first one to try something new everyday with unmatched zeal and commitment. There is never a day without positivity & enthusiasm with this soul.

Anita Israni

The provider, the healer, the sneaky santa. Just like a multitasking mom, she is a multitasker at work. There is no age to learn and there is no age to grow that is something she believes in and stands by strongly.

LUV Israni

The face of persistence, perseverance & patience. He is strict & friendly at the same time, its like the principal you always wanted but never got. When its work it doesn't matter if its day or night, because eventually it doesn't count, what counts is the outcome and that's what he is known for, ingenious outputs.

Megha Israni

The fruit doesn't fall far from the tree and she is proof of that. She is an ever enthusiastic, ever learning Israni family member. She takes after her mom & dad's quirk of making each day count. Artistic, visionary & unconventional is how one can describe her.

Farhaz Mehtaji

When you are in a financial crisis or just want to be around a positive soul, he is the go-to, our personal ATM. He handles accounts like nobody's business since a decade.

Amruta Sagar Patel

Nerd of the office, comes with an attached megaphone. Knows answers to every why what when where & how? She will fit into the shoe of any profile perfectly – Cinderella much?

Smriti Ash Mali

Trade cautiously with her, she is the photo ninja. Her delegation & approval is supreme. If she is your friend, you are exclusive.

Shivani Gupta

Building Relationships
Extreme diligence and discipline are her weapons. Her attention to detail and listening skills will startle you.